Car Air-Con



Evaporator vaporises the low pressure and low temperature refrigerant.

When vaporising the refrigerant, a large amount of heat is required which the evaporator absorbs from the warm air passing over the evaporator fins, thus cooling the passenger compartment.

All liquid changes into gas and flows to the compressor.

The process is then repeated.

Refrigerant flow by types:

Serpentine Type

Drawn Cup Type: ST Evaporator

Drawn Cup Type: MS Evaporator



Serpentine (SP)

Plate-Fin (ST)

Multi Tank Super Slim Structure (MS)

The tubing has an intricate flow path created by inserting and brazing an inner fin between two plates to provide superior heat transfer performance and the provision of a thinner body.

Revolutionary Super Slim (RS)

The tubing increases thermal efficiency by employing micropores and short fins, which realizes to a thinner (38 mm) body.

In addition, the RS evaporator has improved heat transmission through shrinking the fin length, tubing thickness, and fin pitch, and is much more compact and lightweight due to streamlined core component materials.



Evaporator OE Standard COOL GEAR Standard
Safety Pressure Bust pressure 100 100
Performance & Life Cooling Performance 100 ≧ 85
Durability Pressure cycling 100 46
Corrosion resistance 100 56