Car Air-Con




Magnetic clutch controls the transfer of power from the engine to the vehicle's air conditioner. Turning on the car air-conditioning in the cabin activates the air con clutch, which in turn drives the compressor to pump refrigerant through the heat transfer cycle.

Magnetic Clutch is only for Fixed Type Compressor.
For Variable Compressor, DL (Damper and Limiter) Pulley is used, but DN do not sell this separately for COOL GEAR Brand.


It is constructed from 3 sections: a stator, a rotor and a hub (centerpiece). It has an internal coil that generates electromagnetic power, pulling the hub (centerpiece) towards the rotor. The rotor is constructed from a bearing and a pulley, and always rotates while the engine is running.

Using a belt from the engine crankshaft pulley, it transmits motive force to the hub (centerpiece). The hub (centerpiece) is constructed from the clutch plate and the connection with the compressor shaft.



It transmit the power from the Engine to the Air-Conditioning System.

If the interior temperature of the vehicle reaches a set level, or if the interior temperature gets too high, the magnetic clutch stops or actuates the compressor as necessary. When it’s on off, the belt rotates the rotor but the energy does not transmit to compressor due to hub is disconnected.



・ The magnetic field is formed around electric wire with concentric circles in Stator coil.

・ This generate strong magnetic flux at the center of the coil toward arrowed direction and run the current through the solenoid coil which is made by winding coils.

・ Number of wiring turns effect to the magnetic field generated around solenoid coil

・ When increase the number of wiring turns, the number of magnetic poles also increase. (Electromagnetic force also increase)




COOL GEAR Compressor for DENSO application (e.g. 10PA, 10S) is sold without clutch.

Refer to COOL GEAR Car AC and Radiator Catalogue for cross reference to the correct matching Magnetic Clutch.