Fuel Pump




Fuel Pump supplies the fuel from the tank to the engine through high pressure to the injector in engine.

There are 2 types of Fuel Pump, in-line and in-tank. Recent vehicle uses the in-tank type, located inside fuel tank.

Operating Principle

When the pump impeller rotates, the blade grooves around the impeller create a swirling motion inside the pump to deliver fuel. The fuel then passes around the motor, forcing the check valve up to supply fuel to the fuel pipe.


Unique Selling Point

1. Low Noise

Perfectly Balanced armature to reduce vibration and the well-designed Impeller to minimize the pulsation allows for low noise operation.

2. Excellent Durability

High quality commutator and brushes ensure the excellent durability of DENSO Fuel Pump. As can been seen from the graph below, DENSO Fuel Pump can last more than 300K km, which is more than 10 times that of competitors. Competitors last about 5K to 30K km only, which is about 1-2 year mileage.

Note: Durability test is based on bench test with test fuel, calculated based on average vehicle speed of 20km/h, conducted in laboratory in DENSO International America.

3. High Performance

Capable of delivering fuel in the suitable flow rate in a highly efficient manner, DENSO Fuel Pump is designed and manufactured based on knowledge as an OE Manufacturer. The specially shaped grooves on impeller and casing demostrate its maximum output with excellent efficiency.

4. Perfect Fit Electric Connector

Having the perfect fit electric connector to meet OE specification to fit the wire perfectly, "loose cable" problem, which can cause malfunction of fuel pump, will not occur.

*the OE cable must be intact in order for the connector to fit perfectly






Failure Symptoms for Fuel Pump

1. Difficult Start Up

The engine is unable to operate due to insufficient fuel supplied to the engine from the fuel tank.

2. Engine Stalling

Engine starts to stall after start-up because the fuel pump is unable to deliver enough fuel to the engine. This might happen even when the gas pedal is pressed.

3. Poor Drivability

Insufficient flow rate of fuel leads to weak acceleration of the car. The fuel pressure is not enough to supply required fuel to the system.

4. “Check Engine” Light is on

This symptom shows there is something wrong with the engine. One of the factors could be due to malfunction of fuel pump. It is recommend to get it checked by Professional Mechanics.



Risk of Imitation

1. Unsuitable Specification

Due to consolidation of vehicle applications by the imitation parts, the consolidated specification might not be suitable for the engine. For example, fuel pump with higher flow rate, when used for smaller cars, will lead to inefficient fuel consumption rate.


2. Low Durability

Durability might be an issue for imitation parts because of the low quality materials used. DENSO uses high quality materials which meet OE specifications.


3. Loose Cable

This is one of the factors causing malfunction of fuel pump in future. The pump that is not designed for perfect-fit might cause problem for your car in future. With DENSO Fuel Pump’s connector made to meet OE Specifications to fit the wire perfectly, you will have peace of mind. *with use of OE cable