Cabin Air Filter
Pollen (CG) CAF



Just like the air-conditioner in your house, the air-conditioner in your car has a special filter.
Car air-conditioner filters cleanse the air both from outside and from within.


DENSO’s COOL GEAR Cabin Air Filter for the Aftermarket Business, blocks Mold, Dust, and Pollen, that comes from outside, and keeps the air within the car clean.


Unique Selling Point
1. Able to block small particles (i.e. Diesel smoke and cigarette smoke) without compromising airflow quality


Packaging Design


Please follow installation guide as per car owner’s manual and on the back of the packaging box.




Filtering Mechanism


Replacement Timing
DENSO recommends replacement interval to be once a year or after every 10,000km mileage.

New Cabin Air Filter   After it runs 10,000km


  After every 10,000km mileage, filter clogging can happen.
  This can result in poor ventilation and prevent the airconditioner from working properly.
  The filtration efficiency of the filter will not be as good, and dirty air will reach car cabin, instead of clean air.
  Therefore, the filter is recommended to be replaced once a year or after every 10,000km mileage.





Comparison Against Competitors



Product Specifications
Test Items Results Remarks
Size Similar in dimension Control Factor: Same size product is used as comparison.
Filtration Area (cm2) Similar in structure, but paper is different Control Factor: Same filtration area is used as comparison.



Test Items Results Remarks

Pressure Loss (Pa)

  • Indicator of airflow volume after installing CAF.
  • CG's has less pressure loss implying that A/C performance is still strong after installing CAF, ensuring maximum cooling performance for you!

Filtration Against Pollen (%)

  • Indication of how efficient CAF is in catching "pollen".
  • CG's filtration efficiency is better than competitors', ensuring you and your passengers get better protection against pollen in the air, during your car journey.
Filtration Against Diesel Carbon (%)
  • Indication of how efficient CAF is in catching "diesel carbon".
  • Unlike competitors', CG is also efficient against diesel carbon in the air, e.g. diesel smoke or cigarette smoke. A very useful and much needed requirement for vehicles in city, where air pollution is a very common problem.

*Competitors A & B are major Brands in ASEAN Region.