Spark Plug
Iridium TT


About Iridium TT
1. The new Revolutionary Spark Plug from DENSO
2. Most superior in the TT range
3. Composed of both iridium and platinum
4. Features a "twin tip" - a thin centre of 0.4mm and a protruding ground electrode 0.7mm in diameter


How Twin Tip Works

Iridium Plug




Iridium TT Plug


①Double Needle

②Improves Combustion

Illustration based on standard spark plug


Unique Selling Point
1. Benefits to End-Users

Twin-Tip Technology

Fuel Savings

Enhanced Speed

Engine Efficiency

Xtra Mileage

2. Benefits to Distributors/Dealers
16 Plug Types fit 290 Models
Reduced Stocks
Save Money


Packaging Design