Plasmacluster Ion Generator



Airborne allergens and mold, etc. are decomposed and removed by plasmacluster ions.


Product Concept


The air inside the cabin of an automobile is filtered, resistant to mold, and deodorized. ”On-vehicle-type, high-density plasmacluster ion generator”

Design Point

Mode display, in 3 mode (Low, Medium, Turbo), represent by 3 different size of bubble. And the LED light gives a warm lighting in the vehicle.

Aluminizing the top, to make the premium look.


The plasmacluster ion generator is only 150 mm in height, thus, it does not cause any hindrance to driving.

The bottom diameter of the plasmacluster ion generator is 65 mm, thus it fits into any vehicle drink holder.

Design compatible with the environment inside the car cabin

Noise control (19dB) that does not adversely affect the electronic devices inside the cabin.

Durability giving consideration to automobile-specific “vibrations” and “environmental temperature”.



If the total operating time passes approximately 17,500 hours (approx. 6 years if the product is operated 8 hours a day), the Product Replacing Light flashes to notify you of the replacement time of the product.

* Replacement period is the same regardless of the operation mode.


Elapsed Time: Beginning to use



Elapsed Time: Approx. 17,500 hours (approx. 6 years when operated 8 hours a day)

Message: It is close to the end of usage period.



Elapsed Time: Approx. 19,000 hours (approx. 6 years and 6 months when operated 8 hours a day)

Message: It has stopped working. Time for a replacement.




Problem: The Plasmacluster Ion Generator does not work.

Is the Car Adapter connected properly? Ensure it is connected correctly.

Problem: The product does not operate in conjunction with engine.

In a vehicle where the power is supplied to the accessory socket even if the engine of vehicle is switched OFF, the engine interlocking function cannot be used.

Problem: The Product Replacing Light flashes rapidly and the operation is stopped.

It is close to the end of usage period (17,500 hours of use). Consider buying a new one.

It is over the usage period of product. Replace with a new one. * If the usage period exceeds 19,000 hours, the Product Replacing Light (orange) will flash fast, and the operation will stop.

Problem: The Operation Lights “LOW” and “MED” (blue) and “TURBO” (purple) flash at the same time and the operation is stopped.

The Plasmacluster Ions are not generated. Perform maintenance of the electrode section.

If the Light flashes repeatedly, contact the store of purchase.

Is the Unit Holder installed correctly? Pull out the Unit Holder and insert it again and then press the operation button.

Problem: A discontinuous noise is heard. A clicking or ticking sound comes from the product.

Clicking or ticking sound may be audible when the product is generating ions. You may feel the sound becomes louder or softer depending on use environment or operation mode, however, the effect of Plasmacluster Ion is not changed.

Dust may block the filter. Clean the filter.

Problem: The operation lights in blue or purple flash then the product stops operating.

Please remove the car adapter and re-insert it, then press the operation button again.

If this happens repeatedly, contact the store of purchase.

Other indication

Failure. Unplug and contact the store of purchase.